DEKA laser

DEKA, powered by the SmartXide DOT laser system, employs a unique modulated superpulse technology, SmartPulse, which allows simultaneous independent control of both energy (depth) and dwell time (thermal damage). This translates into a great benefit to the physician and the patient: Dr. DeRosa can adjust parameters to tailor the treatment and downtime to the patient’s specific needs. Patients will enjoy the benefits of tailored treatments, reduced recovery time and faster procedures.

With the SmartXide DOT Dr. DeRosa can select treatment parameters ranging from superficial and delicate treatments to increasingly deeper treatments such as full skin resurfacing (density 100%). The HiScan scanner offers a wide selection of patterns and sizes at your fingertips, and HiScan’s 38 density levels allows for unparalleled precision.

Powerful technology in a streamlined system, the SmartXide DOT can deliver more ablative power to tissue than other lasers. The latest innovations in laser design and control systems lead to SmartPulse control of the treatment. The adjustable high-power short-duration pulse to get to your desired ablation depth, coupled with the adjustable-duration low-power pulse to get the amount of thermal energy desired makes SmartXide DOT the most technically advanced CO2 system available.