1. What medication should I stop taking? Please visit our forms page for the medications to stop taking and preparations for your surgery

2. When can I return to work? This varies depending on many factors. What procedure did you have done? What do you do for a living? Etc. Overall, many patients return to work within the week without any problems. Dr. DeRosa works with you to determine how long you will be needing before you can return to work safely. Work notes can be provided when needed.

3. Do you offer financing? Financing is available through M-lendfinancial.com

4. Where will my surgery be performed? Some cosmetic procedures can be done in our office while others will require outpatient or in-patient hospital stays. Cosmetic procedures are typically done at Beaumont Hospital- Farmington Hills. They have an anesthesiologists to ensure your safety. Dr. DeRosa will discuss all options during your consultation.

5. What does your price include? Pricing for cosmetic surgeries include the procedure, facility fee, anesthesia fee, garments (if applicable), and all post operative visits. If insurance is involved, copays and deductibles are not part of the quoted fees and are determined by your insurance plans.