Breast Reduction Surgeon

Women with large, heavy breast tend to experience discomfort, back pain, neck strain, and other such problems due to the weight of their breasts. Many feel self conscious about their size and feel they have lost attractiveness. The purpose of the breast reduction surgery is to give a woman a smaller attractive breast that is in proportion to the rest of her body. It is a known fact that breasts that are smaller and higher on the chest tend to reduce neck and back strain caused by low, heavy breasts.

With this procedure, excess breast tissue is removed with the remaining tissue contoured and skin tightened. The nipple and areola are lifted and reduced if necessary. Nipple sensitivity and the ability to breast-feed are typically maintained with the breast reduction technique that Dr DeRosa uses. The incisions for breast reduction in most cases require an anchor shaped pattern: line around the areola, a vertical line between the areola and breast crease, and a line in the breast crease. For the majority of women, these lines fade nicely with time.*

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*Results may vary