Implant Removal / Explantation

Breast implant removal (Explantation) with capsulectomy (En Bloc)

Breast implants, whether silicone or saline, are not meant to last a lifetime and there is always risk for leakage or rupture.

Dr. DeRosa specializes in the removal of breast implants with full capsulectomy (en bloc).  A capsulectomy is the surgical removal of scar tissue, or capsule that has become thickened and hardened around a breast implant. The capsule is composed of fibroblast, collagen and blood vessels.  En bloc is a french term which means In a lump; as a whole.

 Women make the decision to have their breast implants removed for a number of circumstances including capsular contracture, rupture, health concerns and/or discomfort.  During your consultation, Dr. DeRosa will discuss the procedure, expectations, and recommend a plan for your implant removal. 

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